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February 19, 2009

Carry Me Home to Old Virginia!

Posted by: Brendan Burke in LAMPosts

Schooner Virginia

Going out in all sorts of weather and sea conditions is the job of the harbor pilot. To do this they must be competent mariners and know not only how to steer their own vessels but any that they may have to bring in to port. In 1915 the Virginia Pilot Association’s president, William Rowe Boutwell ordered a schooner built to keep his pilots “sharp sailors” It was launched in 1917 as the schooner Virginia. Although most pilots at this point were operating steam vessels, such as the V.P.A.’s steamer Relief, to be able to weather more adverse conditions Boutwell’s ship ensured the best skills among his men as well as keeping a proud history alive. Keeping that story today is the schooner Virginia. She is a replica of William Boutwell’s boat, also named the Virginia, and recently came to visit us here on the First Coast.

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February 18, 2009

2/18/09 Lecture: The Wharf That Launched 800 Warships

Posted by: Chuck Meide in LAMP Events, LAMPosts

An artist painting of the Lake George military wharf circa 1759 with the sloop Earl of Halifax and smaller bateaux. The 1758-built British wharf, now submerged, was studied by Bateaux Below and the 250 year old waterfront structure is the topic of a LAMP-sponsored talk by Joseph W. Zarzynski (photo credit: Mark Peckham & Bateaux Below).

Lecture Title: The Wharf That Launched 800 Warships--The History & Archaeology of a French & Indian War Waterfront Structure
Speaker: Joseph W. Zarzynski (Underwater Archaeologist, Bateaux Below, Inc.)
Where: St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, Anastasia Gallery upstairs in the Keeper's House
When: 6:00 pm, Wednesday February 18, 2009
Sponsored by: LAMP and the St. Augustine Archaeological Association
Special Event: DVD signing and special sale of the documentary "The Lost Radeau"

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