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August 30, 2010

LAMP research highlighted in Professional Surveyor Magazine


LAMP archaeologist Brendan Burke recently published an article in Professional Surveyor Magazine:

Looting shipwreck sites in many countries is illegal, and strict legislation is in place to protect the publicly owned, submerged resources. In Florida, shipwreck looting can be a felony with heavy fines and prison sentencing. Moreover, after being looted, shipwreck sites lose their integrity as intact sites of cultural value.

To monitor these sites, LAMP, the archaeological and historical research division of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, purchased a Klein 3900 Search and Recovery sidescan sonar as part of our ongoing First Coast Maritime Archaeology Project, funded by Florida’s Division of Historical Resources. It has been used to monitor sites in northeast Florida as well as several other locations along Florida’s coast. The sonar unit can generate an image of known wreck sites on a regular basis to ensure their integrity and security.

Its a great article and a quick read, be sure to read the whole thing here.

August 3, 2010

Very Cool Video Highlights the St. Augustine Lighthouse

Posted by: Chuck Meide in From the Lens Room

Check out this new video, hot off the press! It's narrated by Ray Hamel, long-time Lighthouse and LAMP volunteer who also serves on the Board (and is a former Board Chair). Ray does a great job sharing the excitement of new visitors who come here for special events such as our Sunset Moonrise, which occurs every full moon and is highlighted in the video clip. The footage is great--check out the expansive camera view of the lens room and deck full of visitors . . . how'd they get that shot?! (Hint: no helicopters were involved). The 1st order Fresnel lens, one of only 13 active specimens in the country, is also captured in exquisite detail. Click and enjoy!

If you can't get enough of Lighthouse videos, here's an earlier promotional video that we produced some time back. While you can tell this one was done in the days before hi-def video, it also has lots of great info for visitors to the Lighthouse.