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July 16, 2012

Musket Raised From Shipwreck Makes Big Splash in News!

On Thursday LAMP's team of archaeologists recovered an encrusted flintlock musket from the site of the Storm Wreck, a late 18th century shipwreck that has been the focus of excavation every summer since 2010. Frequent storms, unusual for the summer months, have caused significant delays in this year's fieldwork, by burying the site and by preventing us from being able to work it. It took a few weeks to uncover our grids and get our travel and grid lines back into a usable system, and we have found a number of artifacts becoming exposed due to erosion at what we thought were the boundaries of our site. One of these objects was discovered on the previous Tuesday, by yours truly. After groping around in the dark and feeling the object, I was pretty sure that it was a musket, as it was about the right length and appeared to feature the trigger guard and the remains of the stock in about the right place. Subsequent diving by some of our archaeologists who have worked with historic firearms confirmed its identity, and we brought it up to the surface and back home safely on Friday.

Lots of great news stories have come out of this latest find. Check out some of the links below . . .

Channel 4 story and video

Channel 4 slideshow

Florida Times-Union
(Jacksonville newspaper), a great story by Dan Scanlan

St. Augustine Record story

We even got some interest from Spanish-language outlets, including Que, Yahoo! Espanol, El Confidencial, and Canarias7.

We've been so busy with our summer Field School and field season that we haven't been updating the blog regularly, but stay tuned, we'll have some more updates online soon!

July 15, 2012

7/15-20/2012 Sonar Workshop

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UPDATE: The 2012 Sonar Training Workshop was a great success! Class participants not only learned the basics of deploying and using the sonar in the field, of crunching data and manipulating and mosaicking sonar imagery, but they actually discovered a new archaeological site in the form of an old 19th century anchor! If you are interested in this training experience, contact us and let us know, we can arrange customized dates to fit your schedule.

Sonar Training Workshop (July 15-20 2012)

This class will indoctrinate the student on the basic principles of archaeological underwater survey using sidescan sonar technology. Through the one-week course, a series of classroom and field experiences will demonstrate and directly involve students in the procedures of establishing a survey plan and enacting it. After learning how to gather data, then collecting it, students will learn how to mosaic sidescan imagery and create a deliverable product used for analysis and presentation. By the end of the course, each student will have operated a sidescan sonar, used it to identify underwater features, and helped compile an acoustic survey report.

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