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April 15, 2014

A Thank You to the Museum Visitors!

Posted by: Sue Callaham, Ship Modeler in LAMPosts, Ship Model Journal


Every year more and more people travel to far away places to see new sights, taste different foods, and learn more about the world around them. Visitors make the trek to St. Augustine, Florida year-round and while there, visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. When they make their way to the Gallery in the upstairs of the Keepers' House, our team of ship-modelers enjoys the opportunity to talk with them. For the help we have received from those visitors, it's time to express our thanks! And just how have the visitors been able to help the ship model team?

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April 3, 2014

Discovery on Lighthouse Grounds

Posted by: Christopher McCarron in In the News

LAMP director Chuck Meide cataloging dig site

Even after more than 140 years, the St. Augustine Lighthouse still has buried secrets that are just now being uncovered.

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Ponte Vedra Shipwreck Mystery Solved

Posted by: Christopher McCarron in LAMPosts

There are many fascinating artifacts to be found along Florida's historic coast, but none have attracted as much recent national attention as the 67-year-old Bermuda-based shipwreck, Deliverance. Discovered by Saint Augustine's local archaeologists from the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) back in 2008, the shipwreck had remained an unidentified mystery until New Years Day when the shipwreck resurfaced from the sands and revealed enough details for LAMP to discover its origin and story.

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