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Keepers Still Have Work to Do

Posted by: Beau Phillips in Barely Legible

They're not carrying oil up 219 steps or performing the daily arduous tasks that a Light Keeper would have had to do in the days before electricity. However, today those of us that work at this functioning piece of Americana have our own responsibilities in keeping an aid to Navigation -- just ask Cory and Angela.

This weekend Cory and Angela enrolled in our Guest Keeper Program here at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. They participated in lens maintenance, worked in the Museum Store, shadowed a school tour, and served beverages in the Keepers' Cafe', and got to do some of the things that Light Keepers are privileged to do. I hope you guys enjoyed your time here and that the top of the tower at sunset was worth the climb.


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Great pix and kids. Thanks for the memories

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