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Florida Lighthouse Assoc. at St. Marks Lighthouse

Posted by: Rick Cain in From the Lens Room

St. Mark's Lighthouse

I was recently in Tallahassee for the FLA board meeting and member's meeting the following day. Of note was the progress of the proposed Florida Lighthouse license plate currently in committee in the state legislature. It was championed by our own Representative William L. "Bill" Proctor and with the support Senator Mike Fesano, Rep. Matt Hudson and many others in the legislature, has been passing with flying colors. One reason it has not met with much opposition is that the FLA is an all volunteer organization and so $0.90 out of every dollar spent on the plate will go to preserving our Florida lighthouses. We are also very honored to be the featured lighthouse on the plate when so many of our friends have lighthouses in the state too. We love them all!

New Florida Lighthouse license plate

I ate lunch with some very good friends of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Ray and Barbara Hamel and Paul and Betsy Wilcox.

FLA Meeting in Tallahassee

After the meeting we headed south to the Gulf and a climb to the lens room of the St. Marks lighthouse.

Wildlife at St. Marks

St. Marks Lighthouse

Once there we had the rare opportunity to climb to the lens room usually closed to the public. The staff and volunteers at St. Marks were wonderful!

Ladder to the Lens Room, St. Marks

We climbed the ladder to the fourth order lens and looked out on the Gulf. A strobe light has been placed on the gallery rail.

View from the Lens Room, St. Marks

It was a grey, rainy day but we had a great time in a beautiful spot and so I headed back north just as the sun was coming out. After getting back to the city, I headed to my favorite eating establishment, Famous Dave's BBQ out on Capitol Circle . This chain started in my own former state of Wisconsin and is hands down the best BBQ from a franchise I have ever tasted. For a long time they were not in Florida but now there are two on the west coast and this one in Tallahassee. Now we just need to get one in St. Augustine! When you go there, try the combo of ribs and brisket (use Dave's Texas Pit Sauce on the brisket. You won't need to add anything to the ribs. Just enjoy em naked). Outstanding! Thanks Dave!

My Favorite BBQ place

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