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Lighthouse and the Coast Guard Partner to Clean Sweep.

Posted by: Brendan Burke in Events, LAMPosts


The LAMP corral is much improved thanks to...the US Coast Guard?! No, we weren't issued a citation for being hazardous to navigation but it certainly looks like there are preparations for an inspection. Over a couple weekends, we have been working with a solid bunch of guys who are in the process of becoming the Coast Guard's newest addition to the Goat Locker.

While raking leaves and laying pavers is nowhere near as exciting as jumping from a perfectly good helicopter or charging through heavy seas, LAMP wants to extend a special 'thank you' to all of the members of the Coast Guard who showed up this past Saturday to volunteer here at the Lighthouse. The volunteer team helping us accomplish our improvement project included:

PSC Brett P. Tremelling
EMC Thomas Morgan
BMC Clark Williams
BMC Adam Noorigian
BMC Leeland Chapman
GMC Daniel Roundtree

We wish all of these great guys the best of luck with their Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Initiation!

Semper paratus.

Breaking a sweat and fixing our fence.

The whole team on the first day, September 26th, standing in front of our Memorial Bell.

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What a wonderful bunch of noble dudes! But what's the Goat Locker?

The 'Goat Locker' is a the wardroom onboard a ship where CPOs, or Chief Petty Officers, eat, rest, and relax. The term supposedly comes from years ago when the only supply of fresh milk on board a naval vessel came from a ship's goat, the goat had to be kept with the senior enlisted men to prevent milk theft. Thus, this area became known as the 'goat locker'. It also stems from the fact that in the service, senior enlistedmen are the oldest demographic by age, hence 'old goats'.

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