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Thunderstorm at the Lighthouse

Posted by: Chuck Meide in LAMPosts

Last Tuesday, 12 June 2007, some pretty fierce thunderstorms raked the First Coast region. The Lighthouse wasn't spared, as you can see in this video taken from LAMP's headquarters in the WWII-era Coast Guard barracks:

The raw power of weather is really apparent when viewed from the barracks, which is a great place to ride out a storm. One can only imagine a historic ship seeking refuge in the safety of St. Augustine's harbor, barely able to make out the beam of the Lighthouse amid flashes of lightning, torrents of rain, and a raging sea.

More storm video follows if you click the link below . . .

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I'm wondering if the photographer's ears are still ringing...or smokin'...or both. Yikes.

That is some awesome weather footage, Chuck! I'm glad you guys thought to grab the video camera. (I only saw it from the back of the gift shop, through the trees, and over visitors' heads.)

[/weather geekout]


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