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Whatever it takes!

The practicum motto must surely be - whatever it takes! Archaeologists it seems are built tough and they will go to extremes to get the data they need.


As archaeologist in training, we get up at the crack of dawn, battle lightning storms like you wouldn't believe, slug around in mud and get dirty, walk through tick infested forests and stride for miles up and down the beach with a mag on the back under the searing heat of the sun. We think we've done it all and gone the whole hog, but nothing can beat Prof Mark Staniforth's dedication, he went beyond the call of duty and even hoisted students on his shoulders to make sure we got the appropriate photos.


We haven't been slogging away the whole time however, there have been plenty of enjoyable times out on the water, checking out the town and local attractions such as the Castillo and enjoying the hospitality of the locals. We have been very well looked after by the lovely staff and volunteers from the St Augustine Lighthouse. Thank you in particular to both Bev and Kathy who invited us in to their homes and threw fabulous BBQ's.


There are still a few days left and I'm sure many interesting and good times to come.

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What is it about archeologists like Indiana Jones and Prof Mark Staniforth that attracts the hot women? Prof Staniforth seems to be attached to a Karen Allen / Marion Ravenwood look-alike. Lucky devil! How does one become an Archeologist of such allure?

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